Born of tradition yet inviting of innovation, we are a company committed to the growth of the design, production and marketing of welding and cutting equipment, industrial valves and pressure regulators. We seek challenges as they drive us to continuously improve our services. Our commitment to quality means that we consider the needs of our valued clients and patrons worldwide as our very own.

The rise of our company Jai Gopal Engineering Works is captured well in the story of Late Shri K.L.Mehta's unflinching perseverance. Since 1962, Late Shri K.L.Mehta worked through a series of challenges with a clear vision and with courage, resulting in the organization that Jai Gopal Engineering Works is today.

Our Story

In 1962, after years of experience in his family's welding and cutting gas equipment business, entrepreneur Late Sh.K.L Mehta founded Jai Gopal Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd (JGEW). He worked through a series of challenges with courage and unflinching perseverance, resulting in the development and production of welding and cutting equipment, industrial valves and pressure regulators.

In 1986, his son Jai Gopal Mehta took over as Managing Director of the family business, envisioning JGEW as a leading company that sets the standard. He ensured that to meet the ever-widening demands of its clients, JGEW would serve multifarious sectors with efficient, premium quality and high precision products.

Qualified experience, entrepreneurial dynamism and ever-present innovation on the part of the founder and his successor meant that in a few years, JGEW gained a prominent position in the national market and reinforced its competitiveness at an international level.

Founder - Shri Krishan Lal Mehta

Strong will power and courage characterized the founder of the company. His innovative design expertise laid a strong foundation for JGEW, allowing it to grow into the conglomerate of five million USD that it is today.

Jai Gopal Mehta - Chairman of JGEW group of companies

Early Days

Born in January 1962 in Delhi, Jai Gopal Mehta was introduced to the world of manufacturing in his early years. After finishing school, he joined his father's company, diving head on into practical work while simultaneously gaining college experience through his further education. Soon well versed in his family business, he was able to apply proper technology and exhaustive management strategies to the manufacturing processes at JGEW, which he coupled with marketing and operations. His exposure and perspective, alongside his distinguishing vision, have allowed him to grow the company into what it is today. His belief: "If one finds purpose, the means will follow"

Birth of a Spark

One day, Jai Gopal Mehta's father brought up an intriguing idea — to add medical & industrial gas cylinder valves to welding & cutting blowpipes and pressure regulators. This was an idea so simple, so obvious, that it was hard to believe it hadn't been done before, and yet, this small leap had revolutionary consequences. Things began to move in a new direction with amplified momentum and Asha — India's leading welding & cutting equipment manufacturer, was born. This simple story illustrates the truth of founder's favorite words: "Those who are enlightened, find the world illuminated"

After years of learning and implementing, Jai Gopal Mehta has found his formula. "Luck is very important, perhaps half the game, but that luck will not come to you unless you put in the effort. Part of that effort is to check yourself everyday — what am I doing, where am I going? Be ruthlessly honest with yourself. Don't blame factors outside of yourself... believe that you can bring the change you want to see and stick it out until you make it happen".