JGEW ensures the quality, safety, reliability and competitiveness of its products. Foundation forward, we have been committed to advancing the safety of our products along with technological developments.

Aware of the importance of quality in an increasingly competitive market, we at JGEW have ensured that this remain one of the key elements of our activity and have thus obtained numerous certifications over the years.

The Quality Management System at JGEW is ISO 9001:2008, certified for the activities of design, production, marketing, maintenance and assistance of equipment, systems and plants. The company has obtained ISI certification from the Bureau of Indian Standards, Govt. of India and its products have been approved by the Chief Controller of Explosives, Govt. of India. All certifications are available for view here.

The Quality and Safety Area of the company heads the Quality Management System and Company Prevention and Protection Systems. The Quality and Safety Area also manages the processes connected with testing and certification of the plants. These processes are carried out by highly trained and qualified internal personnel who are independent from the other functions that construct the plants.

In this way, the continuous monitoring of the efficiency and efficacy of company processes is an indispensable element that JGEW provides to its clients.